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Casting Engineering Solutions

Established in 1995, Tycon has been expanding step by step with global customers’ confidence as not only a professional casting foundry to produce highly precise and complex casting components, but also a company to provide high-valued added machining and surface treatments on our produced castings. We are dedicated to be your trustworthy strategic partner to accompany along with your business.

Tycon is proud of our sustainable competence and track proficiency to customize top quality casting solutions to our customers who are themselves market leaders in their own field around the world.

Leading Casting Engineering Solution

Tycon is committed to be a global leader in the Casting Engineering Solution of Stainless Steel and Special Alloys. We utilize advanced technological practices & developments in special alloy casting utilizing automation throughout the process to manufacture high precision and high value products. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  1. Investment castings;
  2. Sand castings;
  3. Precision machining and other technical skills.

We can advise customers on casting designs & engineering. Our internal quality standards are in stringent compliance with international accreditation such as ISO9001, Marine Society Approvals and full third party certifications etc.

Foundry Capacity

Tycon is sophisticated both investment casting (lost wax) and Resin Sand Casting manufacturing processes. Currently, the combined capacity of the castings is over 1000 tons/ month, that Tycon is one of the leading stainless steel foundries in China both in terms of quality and capacity.

Foundry Capacity

  1. With a production site of 100,000 square meters and monthly output 1000 Tons
  2. Investment casting: 100 kg - 500 kg induction furnaces
  3. Sand casting: 500 kg - 3,000 kg induction furnaces
  4. Monthly capacity: 1000 ton

Production Processes

  1. Precision Casting Solution (Investment Casting / Lost Wax): ranging from 0.1 kg to 100kg and up
  2. Sand Casting Solution (resin-sand): up to 1,000 kg

Casting Standards

  1. Marine Society Approvals: LRS, DNV, BV, ABS, CCS, NK, KR;
  2. Full third party certification, ISO9001:2015, TÜV PED97/23/EC;
  3. In conformity to ASTM, EN, BS, DIN, JIS, GB;

Alloy Portfolio

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Aluminum bronze
  3. Duplex Steel
  4. Carbon Steel

Complimentary Facilities

  1. Pattern Making
  2. Machining
  3. Heat Treatment
  4. Surfact treatment
  5. Micro-structure Analysis
  6. Non-destructive Testing
  7. Material Composition Analysis

Machine Shop

  1. CNC machining center (Mazak, Okuma, Doosan)
  2. CNC lathe (Mazak, Okuma, Doosan)
  3. CMM inspection
  4. Hydro test, dynamic balancing
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